Emceeing Around

Working as a conference and event emcee is such a treat. Engaging with the audience and presenters is always a joy, and there's fulfillment in helping an event run smoothly. I recently served as emcee for our state breastfeeding conference. This day-long event brought together over 500 healthcare professionals from the maternal health field.

I'd worked with the conference coordinator Courtney Leeper in the past and knew the moment she reached out that this would be a great event based on what I'd already known about her. We worked together to finalize a few details in the weeks leading up to the conference, and she gave me just enough flexibility to keep the audience connected between speakers.

Speaking of speakers, they were all amazing, those local and from out-of-state, alike. Our state's Chief  Medical Officer, Dr. Lindsay Weaver kicked things off, and she was such a delight to meet and talk with during our moments of free time. She is passionate about ensuring the health of all Hoosiers. We're pictured above with one of our state's epidemiologists, Antoinette Holt (center).

I learn something new and interesting from every event. And with every event, I make it my mission to ensure each presenter is fully acknowledged in their introduction (and keeps to their time), the event schedule is followed (because speakers know when their time is up), the audience stays engaged (and of course enjoys themselves), all announcements and updates get shared (including the unexpected ones, which get worked into the schedule as the event is taking place), and that the event organizers are happy when all is said and done (i.e. the event is a huge success). 

So...book me for you next conference or event ;-)





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