Refuel - make more days great!

Refueling is something we all need if we want to have great days. My employer does an annual staff retreat and makes a point to include some things to help get our teams rolling again. Work and other life demands can be draining, even when we sometimes enjoy them. It takes up energy (fuel), which allows us to meet our daily demands. Like a car, if we keep working, keep going, without stopping to take time for ourselves, we eventually run on empty - or close to it. Running on empty runs us down. We get sluggish, less motivated, less productive, less energetic, less available to those we care about, and the list goes on. Can you relate?

Fortunately, even those little time outs build up the fuel we need to keep doing the things we have to do. The best part is fueling activities are meant to be the things we want to do, or are at least willing to give a try! That said, refueling can be challenging - like word art - yet enjoyable. If we can find enjoyment doing those things we want to do, we'll be so much better at doing the things we have to do. That enjoyment presents itself in many ways - laughter, fulfillment, relaxation, rejuvenation, and yes, even the feeling of tiredness with a does of invigoration, like from a really good workout. 

Important Note: What refuels one person may not refuel another; there's no generic list of refueling activities. Someone may hate exercise, but does it because it's important, which means exercise goes on their "have to do list." But, if this person enjoys cooking (which not everyone does), it goes on their "want to do (refueling) list." 

Find what refuels you, and be willing to try new things. You just might be surprised by what keeps you moving and creates a great day. 

These pics are from our team refueling activity during a staff retreat. It was a challenge for some (raising my hand), and yes intimidating, but making the most of the experience (with a little help) made it fun. The bonus: we walked away with a personalized displayable reminder of how important refueling really is. 




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