I've Come A Long Way, Says My Ruffled Top (an update)

Three years ago I wrote a post called Clothes Don't Lie.  It was a sad but funny story about an adorable top I'd purchased, and shortly after out-grew.  It was sad because of the 30+ pounds I'd gained after starting a new job, yet funny because of the incident that led me to realize how much I'd let myself go.  You really should read the original post - it's funny; funnier now that I've lost about 20 of those pounds.  When you factor in the muscle, I'm really close to my original size, which is why I can fit my beloved top again.  Whew hew!

I'd actually forgotten all about the top, but an invitation to a friend's birthday party got me back in it.  I have this really bad, and expensive, habit of purchasing things for myself when I'm supposed to only buy for someone else.  This time it was a multi-colored skirt from Boomerang Boutique on Mass Ave in Indianapolis (one of my faves!).  I couldn't resist the sale rack in front of the door, so I'll just blame the splurge on that.  The skirt immediately jumped out, and to be honest I think it saw me before I saw it - do you see the face?  Kind of odd, kind of creepy, but I kind of loved it.  Actually, I really loved it; hence it became mine.

So many colors I knew I'd have tons of styling options.  I couldn't wait to get it home.  I started to pair it with a soft coral sweater, but it felt too much like spring.

The season had just turned to fall, so I thought it better to play up one of its deeper colors.  I dug far into my closet for another option, and that's when I saw it.  I hesitated.  It was supposed to be an inspiration piece but somehow got buried.  I hadn't worn that shirt since the embarrassment at work three years prior.  Then I thought about all the time I've spent working out, getting my Pilates on point, and making better food choices.  I went for it, and thank God it fit (my emotional reserves are limited these days, and this is not the time to deal with body con issues).  I truly have come a long way!  I must say it feels, and looks, amazing!



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