Boxing, that's right BOXING!


If you haven't tried it, TRY IT! Boxing is one of the best cardio workouts around. Definitely give it a try if you'd like to see an improvement in any of the following:
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Endurance
  • Building a better core
  • Upper body strength
  • Stress

My heart still belongs to Pilates but boxing has a lot to offer, plus you all know I like to mix it up. This will become a staple for sure. Our conference room workouts have introduced me to so much, including boxing. We actually get to incorporate it fairly often, particularly because our trainer Darnell happens to own SRG Boxing N Training with his wife. 

I was terrified the first day he came with a bag of boxing gloves. It felt like a huge stretch from Pilates, but I did it anyway. Believe it or not I fell in love, and felt super accomplished after just my first session.

 She's queen of the ring (or whatever, since there's no boxing ring in the conference room).
I doubt I'll ever become a 'Pro' but I'm getting pretty good at it! 

And even if you don't have a boxing pro offering sessions at your workplace, there are places like Title Boxing Club that offer great full body boxing workouts. They even have the actual punching bags, to take the experience to the next level! Needless to say, I loved that too.

I'm becoming like an obsessed fan. A little stalkerish (trying not to make it creepy though).



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