Pilates Amour

And then it happened.  I decided I would take this Pilates things I've been so obsessed with to the next level.  I decided to become a real deal certified Pilates instructor through Balanced Body.  I've opted to only do the Mat Pilates certification because I truly love it most.
I think you can get just as amazing a workout, for much less money, in a mat class as opposed to doing the reformer.  Plus adding props can really kick a mat workout up several notches.
Don't get me wrong, reformer is great but I just love a good old fashioned mat workout more.
My first training session was this past weekend at Reforming Indy and I learned so much from our instructor, Kristen.  Most notably, I learned all the things I've been doing wrong.  I can't wait to get out there and help people build better bodies, the right way!  Perfect form cannot be compromised, and it isn't with Pilates.  I've been having some aches that haven't gone away and I know it's from over exhertion.  For the record, more is not always more.  Keep up with my Pilates journey, and you'll see what I mean.

Thanks Joseph!

Peace. Love. Pilates


Sherry Amour



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