Sweet Sweat - two words I thought I'd never say together!


How sweet it is, apparently! Sweat!

Sweat is something my body doesn't produce much of. For the longest I considered this a good thing. A great thing actually, especially since I prefer mid-day workouts. Then a popular fitness influencer (who also has an amazing story to share about her experience with butt implants) began touting Sweet Sweat. So people are out there trying to sweat more?? OK, somethings wrong here. 

I knew sweat helps keep you hydrated, which I countered by drinking tons of water, but I didn't know  there was more. It actually helps maintain our weight, improves our mood, and is a natural detox. Yes, sweat helps our bodies get rid of those heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins that are no good for us. This is a big deal! So, I gave Sweet Sweat a try. 

I've used it about five times now and gotta admit the feel of more sweat dripping from my body is pretty good. Even after my most recent outdoor workout I would not have naturally produced much sweat, but this kicked in and helped cool me off. It's what I needed to get me through that workout. I pushed past my max and still managed to make my way back to work, unassisted :-)

The Sweat Sweat 'wrap' is actually a waist trimmer that stays on throughout your workout. You first put on a cream that helps activate the sweat. I only wore the cream and waist trimmer for the duration of my workout. It was comfortable and didn't cause any irritation. 

Every time I remove the trimmer I'm surprise by the sweat that is produced. It's hard to see but there's actually belly sweat there, which didn't happen before! I'm definitely going to keep using my sweet sweat waist trimmer. Maybe I'll finally lose that stubborn little lower belly bulge!



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