What? These Can't be Workout Clothes!

Despite how I look in this photo, I didn't have to think twice about buying these pants from Twirl Boutique.  I love studio-to-street and athleisure clothing because they simplify my fit life.  

About four months ago I started working out at work again.  I'm glad I did but some days I barely fit it in.  My work day is really busy so I welcome anything that saves time and motivates me to actually work out, because I can easily find an excuse not to.  With these stylish active pants I literally just remove my outer top, change my shoes, and I'm ready to workout.  

Freshening up after can be tricky but I think I've mastered it, so no excuses there either.  

These pants are AMAZING.  Super comfy, yet stylish.  The material is breathable and designed for movement, so I've not felt the least bit restrained during my workout.  Depending on how I'm styled, I think I could actually get away with wearing them far past 5pm (on a weekend...or on a Tuesday).

Seriously, are these pants for working out or going out?

But these pants weren't the only thing I fell in love with at Twirl Boutique.  I bought a great recreation top that I wore to work last Friday.  I especially love the look that the dolman sleeve creates.  This top is also great for weekend wear.  Yes, my weekends are busy as well, and sometimes I just want to lounge, but when I start my day in workout clothes, I'm more likely to actually fit my workout in.  I actually feel obligated to do so. 

Another great find that quickly became mine was this tie-die styled sweatshirt dress.  The tribal-like print screamed 'Sherry you know you want me,' and I did!


Despite the beautiful aesthetics of this dress, it's actually just a really large, well-designed sweatshirt with a cowl neckline.  It is now my absolute favorite sweatshirt, and yes, those are workout pants I'm wearing underneath.  Even when I don't plan to workout, I will still plan to wear this dress.

Bonus: it goes so well with my avocado seed jewelry made by one of my work workout buddies, Inell.  

So, When in Indy OR shopping ONLINE...

Check out Twirl Boutique for great fitness apparel that can be worn from 'studio to street.'  

They also sell great resort wear.

And I can't tell you how excited I was to find out it is actually located inside a Pilates studio - The Body Temple Pilates Studio.  Pilates! 



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