Serious about Superfoods

A couple of years ago I found myself seriously interested in superfoods, and came across a really great book dedicated to ways they can be used to lose weight.  I found the title interesting: The Drop 10 Diet, add to your plate to lose the weight. 

I typically stay clear of anything that even suggests 'dieting' to lose weight because I'm more interested in permanent lifestyle changes, which I know are a healthier way to lose weight.  I was motivated to purchase the book because I saw an article on it and super foods in SELF magazine.  Nevermind the title, I was sold!  I also liked the idea of adding to my plate, because I love to eat!

I wish I loved to cook as much as I love to eat.  I've tried to get excited about various recipes, but usually can't.  It's a shame I know!  There are plenty of great recipes in the book, some of which I've managed to try.  My general rule is if it's five ingredients or less, and no more than two steps (maybe three), I'll give it a shot. The authors also published a cook book compliment, with beautiful pictures of their super food recipes.

It was my intent to purchase this book as well, but never got around to it for reasons I'm sure you can easily guess.  Although I don't get super psyched about cooking superfoods, I do want to share what I know about them.  What's your favorite superfood?



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