I Found a Super Food in this Super (Good) Soup

Shame on me, I didn't bring anything to eat during our brown bag lunch meeting Friday.  By 1 o'clock the meeting was still going and I was starving.  To make matters worse our conference room was freezing, so I craved soup.  I leaned over to my co-worker Amanda and whispered: 'where should I go to get good soup?' and without hesitation she said 'Puerto Vallarta.'  She did struggle with the pronunciation but I recall clearly hearing 'great tortilla soup' and 'real avocado.'  Done!

She had me at 'avocado.'  I'm on a major avocado kick right now.  I've been working on a blog post about the nutritious super food for the past week or so - which is helping me realize I'd rather buy food made with avocado, than cook food using avocado.  I digress.  Within 15 minutes of my meeting's end, soup was in hand.  It was actually a fairly heavy bag containing the soup.  There were two large containers, one small one, and a bag of tortilla chips.  I've ordered plenty of tortilla soups, but this was not like any I've had before.  It was huge and harty, and I couldn't wait to dig in.

I got back to the office as fast as I could.  I was impressed.  There were large pieces of avocado cut into the soup.  Lots of them!  It was light and brothy, but filling at the same time.  The shredded chicken, combined with the Avocado chunks, made it harty.  Amanda had also mentioned the rice, but it's optional (for any carb-conscious folks).  Tortilla strips came on the side, and I added them sparingly.  They, along with the tortilla chips, were pretty greasy, but clearly cooked in-house.

I got through as much of the soup as I could, which was only about half, and was bummed at the thought of throwing the rest away.  When I mentioned this to Amanda she assured me it would keep overnight.  I thought surely the avocados would turn, or do something strange in the broth.  I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled it out for lunch Saturday.

Day 2 and my tortilla soup still looked and tasted as yummy as before.  Since I was at home, I added a dollop of my favorite sour cream substitute - Greek yogurt.  The flavors combined oh so well, and I enjoyed every bite.  I think I'm hooked!

When in Indy be sure to visit Puerto Vallarta!



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