Avocado Obsessed (Superfood Series)

I'm seeing avocados everywhere lately.  It may be because I am on a mission to soak in all I can about the things that will make me happier and healthier.  Avocados are high on the list.  It's a Super Food, and I'm starting a super food blog series, with this being my first post.  I chose avocados because they've been showing up in ways I would have never imagined.

Why I care: According to the superfood book I've been following, avocados are rich in nutrients, and although they are high in fat - it's the good fat that lowers cholesterol and reduces our risk of heart disease.  Avocados also help us feel fuller longer, curbing our appetite.  

The Ins and Outs

Good on our Inside: 

Avocados are great to eat and go well on sandwiches, in wraps, with eggs, salads, toast...and the list goes on.  I'm no master cook (nor do I care to be), but I found a few recipes to try.  I got over ambitious and bought groceries for five dishes.

I really should have known better, because I only got through two.  My plan was rice, deviled eggs, spaghetti, pudding, and whipped cream.  Well, let me just say my creamy avocado rice was great :)

Ok 5 ingredients, I can get with that.  To be honest, all of the recipes were relatively simple. I think I had more of a time issue with completing the rest.  I'm glad I at least got to enjoy this refreshing rice dish.  It would go great with a quesadilla or enchiladas.

I also made the chocolate pudding, because I wasn't about to pass on the opportunity to make a nutritious chocolate treat.  I did add a little more sweetener than the recipe called for, but I think the version made by the young lady at my job is better.  (I wasn't even motivated enough to take a pic).

I was pleasantly surprised by the tortilla soup I purchased from a local Mexican restaurant here in Indy, Puerto Vallarta.  There were lots of large avocado chunks cut into the soup, and I had enough for lunch the next day.  It was so good I had to write a separate blog post about it.    

Good on our outside:

Avocados are for more than just eating.  Did you know it can be mashed and mixed with olive oil, bananas, honey, and other kitchen ingredients to make a moisturizing mask for the hair and face?

Now I may occasionally try whipping together something like this, but with my busy life, I'm more inclined to buy something ready-made.  This Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal clay mask got good reviews.

And save the seed!  It can be used for arts and craft projects.  Several months back one of the supervisors at my job gave everyone a necklace and earring set made from the seeds she collected.

My necklace says Passion.  It speaks to me, it inspires me and reminds me how I should approach everything I tackle.  And the fact that it is designed with an avocado seed is a little reminder that I need to be passionate about taking care of myself, and eating the foods that will keep me healthy.

Want to know more?  Check out this great video I stumbled across.



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