Weather Woes. Try this next time you get S.A.D.

I am definitely suffering from weather woes, also known as S.A.D., Seasonal Affect Disorder. Who else checks out from New Years until the return of daylight savings? I certainly do, and my mood becomes questionable at best. 

A former supervisor told me when she wakes up for work in a slump she puts extra effort into how she dresses herself up.  She even adds a bit of blush to her cheeks for some oomph, and her mood lightens.  I decided to follow suit, and I'm glad I did.  The shift isn't always instant, but I've gotten through plenty of, what I'm sure would have been, rough days thanks to that advice.  Once I ease out of my slump, the beauty around me starts to stand out.

This time of year my eye is drawn to sweaters, the warmer the better.  When I find one that also has style, I've struck gold!  A new favorite is this super soft sweater I purchased from Indy-based designer Nikki Blaine.  I think it's the sophisticated use of animal print and slimming fit that strengthens its style appeal.  

I had to share because I got so many compliments on it last week, giving my mood an added boost.  I even went so far as to accessorize.  I hesitated because of the print, but paired it with a necklace that plays well on the shapes.  

Take a moment to check out Nikki Blaine Couture.  She designs great pieces, and I hear she has one more sweater like mine.  It definitely captured my styleyes, and kept me smiling all day.

Next time you wake up feeling moody, try dressing up in something you love and hopefully your mood will start to pick up.





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