I still love Pilates

It's been a month since I joined our fit club at work. I'd been through personal training before and got to a point where I couldn't take the heavy lifting and the push push push, go go go, more more more. I finally just quit quit quit! Then I discovered Pilates and fell in love, true love.
I got DVDs, bought books, created a little in-home workout space.
I did really well for a while but let life get in the way. Still, my heart and body longed for more activity, but not with the push, go, more drill I dreaded. I got back into my Pilates routine nearly six months ago and have noticed changes in my body, although there are some changes that I really don't believe will be made without the help of a skilled surgeon.  I have my mind set on getting a mommy makeover!  When I tell people this they look at me like I'm growing a second head from my neck.  I know I appear more fit than I am because I have a small frame.
Despite my frame, even when I reach my fitness goals I don't think the extra skin hanging around my lower belly (ugh, you have to admit that sounds gross) will just go away.  A few trainers have told me I just need to put in some extra work to get rid of it, and that we underestimate the capabilities of the human body, but I still have a hard time believing I can get what I want from exercise alone. At the same time, I am not looking forward to any extra unnecessary surgery. It's scary, even despite all the medical advancements.  So, I'm giving myself a solid six months of focused, dedicated work toward getting this belly how I want it.  I'm open to other remedies but my focus is fitness!  Plus, I do feel my entire body needs more than just what I'm getting from my beloved Pilates. It wants to be stronger, tighter.  Unfortunately, I really don't care for weights. My endurance needs serious work too, so I'm desperately seeking cardio, despite how I dread it (I must sound like a Lazy Susan).
The fit club program offered by my employer started sessions at my work site over a year ago and they have been working out  twice a week just 10 feet from my desk. I've been watching and listening but never motivated to join, until now.  I figured it would be a great first attempt at supplementing my Pilates routine. Fortunately, it's extremely convenient, affordable, and in a conference room with tables and chairs, not a workout room with barbells and dumbbells, which makes it far less intimidating. I still proceeded cautiously, giving myself a month to decide if I'll actually like it enough to commit, and behold...it ain't so bad!

I'm opening up to ways I can build on my Pilates routine, and look forward to trying out other workout alternatives, but I still love Pilates!



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