Wax that whaaat? 5 takeaways and tips from my first Brazilian (TMI???)

I finally did it.  After a fair amount of contemplation, I finally went for the big wax - the Brazilian!

Yes, it's winter, but since this was new for me I wanted to try it before bikini season.  I'd hate to deal with a potential bad experience during the time I'd actually want to wear a bikini (ok, swimsuit).  Plus I found out this is the best time to start because it takes a few months for hair to get on a good growth cycle, which eases the pain and reduces the amount of hair that grows between waxes (less shab - that's important!)

My 5 takeaways and tips:
I've gotten bikini waxes in the past but a friend of mine swears by her monthly Brazilian wax, which motivated me to try it. I thought I'd share my experience, for anyone curious about waxing their...uh, you know. 
  • Yes, it hurt like hell, but only in the moment. Once it was all over, that was it.  I thought I'd be sore for a couple days, but there really was no pain after. Big relief! But what about the next time?
    • My esthetician Megan said the pain will lessen because waxing over time weakens hair follicles so hair grows back less and thinner, making it easier to remove. She suggests taking three ibuprofen before the wax if pain is a concern. Some ladies opt for a few cocktails or a glass of wine instead ;). Did someone say wax and wine??? That sounds like a party to me. 

  • Brace yourself - it sounds worse than it feels. I would have sworn she removed a few layers of skin each time she ripped off the wax. I had to keep asking 'are you sure that's only hair?' I just knew I'd be left with a bloody mess, but it was all soft and smooth. (Some women with fair skin will have redness, but it usually only lasts about a day.)
    • If you think the flesh-ripping sound will bother you, ask for music or get ear plugs. You can also try chatting your way through it like I did.
  • All forms of modesty are momentarily set aside. My esthetician was about to see the parts of me that don't get exposed to just anybody. This was intimate. As I removed my pants I remember wondering if I should take my socks off or leave them on.

    • For you shy girls, keep in mind your esthetician sees plenty of vajayjays and could care less about what you got going on down there, outside of the hair on and around it.  A good esthetician will keep you as covered as possible throughout your wax.  If you're really shy try closing your eyes until it's over, and not thinking about yourself partially exposed. It's mind over matter. 

  • Butt, what!?! Yes, she went there. The Brazilian truly cleans house - up, down, side to side, and front to back! Two quick strips between the cheeks. 

    • uh yeah, remember that modesty thing? I hope not! But honestly, it goes fast and isn't that bad.
  • Here's the saving grace - it's all optional. You don't have to get more taken off than what you want, or are comfortable with :). 
    • Some of you may want to ease your way up to a full Brazilian like I did. My esthetician actually encourages this if you're very shy or sensitive to pain.

There are also a few styling options for anyone wanting to keep some hair down there...
...and this thing called vajazzling, which I just was not quite ready for.  I'll be sure to share more once/if I try it.

Ultimately, I really liked the Brazilian bikini wax, but personally favor the French bikini wax more.  

On the downside:
There are a few notable downsides I've felt with waxing in general, first being the wait between waxes.  There needs to be about 1/4 inch of regrowth between waxes, so there will be a period of unkempt shabbiness. Megan said the hair grows less and becomes finer over time, so it's not so bad.  There is also the pain factor, but since it is at least tolerable I will give it a few more consistent tries to see if it really eases, as I've been told it would.  Finally, waxing is relatively expensive, compared to razors and shaving cream.  

(I've never had laser hair removal so I can't speak on it.)

All that being said:
I realize there are very good reasons to wax.  Waxing is less time consuming (for those who care to reduce their hair down there - and if you wear a bathing suit you should at least consider it...ijs).  Shaving is harsher on the skin and can eventually cause razor bumps and irritation, which can lead to itching and scars. Not flattering at all.

!IMPORTANT! I have to close with a warning - think twice before using those hair removal creams, even the ones made for the bikini area! I, along with some other ladies I know, had bad experiences with those products.  Long story short, I'd take the pain from waxing over those creams any day. The chemicals used to melt away hair have caused a lot of problems for a lot of women.  

If you opt for waxing, a good esthetician will keep your hair down there well groomed, and despite the pain, you'll leave with your skin feeling soft and smooth.  Another bonus - your partner might also 'be pleased with' your wax ;).

Quick Indy Plug:
My friend who encouraged me to try out the Brazilian wax also swears by The Naked Monkey, so that's where I went.  I was definitely happy with my overall experience at their "mini monkey" location downtown.  The space is undoubtedly small, but I think cozy is more befitting, and the staff has been great!  



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