The Truth Is In The Numbers

I had to know. I had to know if the bit of weight I had gained was really affecting my overall health, or just my ego - so I went for a full physical, labs and all. I made my husband do it too! I was glad I got it done, but not so thrilled with the results.

I try not to create competition between my husband and myself but I got more than just a little annoyed when I saw my letter back from the doctor...and then saw his letter back from the doctor.

I could not believe he was given a clean bill of health, and I was given tips to reduce my cholesterol. This is a man who hated seafood and LIVED off of junk food, greasy steaks, burgers, and fries!  Then he met me and learned all about the importance of healthy choices. Now he hardly eats any red meat, has salmon at least a couple times a week, and drinks tea daily. I guess it's time I get back to practicing what I preach because if the truth is in the numbers, I could find myself in serious trouble.



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