Clothes don't lie

My inspiration piece
(this pic doesn't do it justice)
Just the other day I stumbled across a slideshow on WebMD that really peaked my interest; it offers 24 ways to lose weight without dieting.  I know there is no truly easy way to lose weight for those who want to avoid the yo-yo nightmare, but I cannot stand the word DIET.  There were several useful tips, but I especially appreciated slide #6: Eyeball Your Skinny Clothes.  Pulling out an old wardrobe item that's a little snug can give you the motivation needed to achieve your weight loss goals.  I had no problem picking my inspiration piece.  It's an adorable sleeveless ruffle top I bought last fall.  I loved wearing it, but then the season changed, and so did I.  I pulled it back out to wear again this past summer and could not believe how dang uncomfortable it was - but I was determined to make it work.  So what if I had to sacrifice comfort for appearance.  I spent the day sitting up straight, holding in my stomach, and checking buttons.  But while in a meeting with some "VIPs", I think I got carried away in conversation and forgot my poise, because I can recall brushing my arm against my mid section and felt nothin' but skin!  Skin!  Soft, squishy belly fat skin!  I just remember thinking 'Oh no, I can't be that girl.'  I had flesh poking through the buttons, and if I felt it I know everyone else saw it!  I don't remember anything else the VIPs discussed from that point forward.  I was just focused on sitting as tall as I could, and trying to hold in my breath so my stomach wouldn't bulge for the remaining 45+ minutes of the meeting.  By that point I was actually at risk of losing a button.  I could not wait to get home and bury that top in the back on my closet; but I'm now giving it new life.  Like I wrote before, my weight loss journey is not just about appearances.  Sure I want to look good in my clothes again - that I won't deny - but I also have no interest in spending more money on a new wardrobe.  I'm down to just a couple of pants, and a handful of dresses, many of which are summer dresses, that I still feel comfortable wearing.  Winter is just around the corner and I just cannot spend it in summer dresses. 



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