Muffin tops are sooooooo last year

So much can happen in a year, and this last one has been a doozie for me; much of it - not so great.  Sure there were good times, but for whatever reason the not-so-good seem easier to remember.  And my way of making the not-so-good feel not-so-bad has been with food...I mean the ooie gooie, the fat and greasy, the doughy cheesy, and the sweet and creamy.  Healthy choices used to be a priority for me, and with a degree in health promotion I certainly know better. 

Most recently, I launched a local website to encourage others to live healthier.  Unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances, I had to cease further development of the site last August.  I was forced to turn my back on something I worked hard to create, and that I believed was a true reflection of myself (at the time).  It was like turning my back on myself, and my actions mimicked my feelings.  

Fortunately, things are looking up and I'm not going to let the extra 25 pounds that I gained over the last year get me down.  Many will look at me and think: 'she may be a little overweight, but she's not so big.'  Although how I look, how I feel, and what my body needs to be healthy, are all important factors.  How I look might not be so bad (muffin top and all), but how I feel and what I know my body has been missing is what matters most.  Another thing, even more important, is that the new bulge around my belly is bad for my heart. It's time to lose the muffin top!



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